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Board Ready Women

 We are a group of women who actively network and exchange ideas with the goal of increasing the awareness of Corporate, Crown and Not for Profits of the “Board Ready Women” in Calgary.


Building a Strong Network

  • We are developing a database of women who have self-identified as “Board Ready” including basic skillsets, prior Board experience, areas of interest and contact information 
  • We are also developing a database of “Board Experienced” women who are available to connect and mentor “Board Ready” women
  • We will create a repository of Board opportunities, communications, tools and techniques to assist in the purpose


Quarterly Network Meetings

We will have quarterly network meetings to share ideas and progress and provide networking opportunities with other “Board Ready” women, women with Board experience, and, on occasion, male counterparts to promote awareness and socialization of the issue of gender diversity on Boards.

Networking & Events



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Calgary Influential Women in Business Awards

 Calgary has many great leaders and our female honorees have risen through the ranks to become senior executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. Through their leadership and influence on our corporations and boards they provide advice and counsel relative to strategy, policy and profitability that benefit some of Canada's largest companies.

On March 5, 2020, the inaugural Influential Women in Business Awards will recognize six outstanding female business leaders in Calgary and celebrate their accomplishments. The awards will be hosted by the AXIS Initiative and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. We are seeking nominations of outstanding women in business, whether private or social enterprise companies. Honorees will be chosen based on their professional accomplishments, influence, and business community involvement, according to the following categories:

1. Social Enterprise (Commercial or non-profit organization)

2. Entrepreneur (Founder or CEO)

3. Emerging Leader (Under 40)

4. Professional Services (Law, Accounting, Financial Services, Consulting)

5. Large Enterprise (Over $1B market capitalization)

6. Small and Medium Enterprise ($50m - $250m market capitalization)


• Nominees must be based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

• Nominees must be female

• Nominees must be available to attend the awards on March 5, 2020, if selected


• Complete the online nomination form.

• Provide the following supporting materials as attachments:

• Two letters of support for the nominee, maximum one-page each.

• The nominee's curriculum vitae, maximum two pages. Please include, in point

form, key elements of the nominee's career and education, please exclude

publications and published works.


• The deadline for submissions is January 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm MST.


• If you leave the form before completing your nomination, your submission

will not be saved.

• Nominators may submit nominations for more than one individual.

Self-nominations will also be accepted. Please do not submit multiple

nominations for one individual.

• All nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted online.

• You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your nomination. If

you do not receive this email, please contact Calgary Chamber of

Commerce to make sure your nomination was received.


The net proceeds of Calgary's Influential Women in Business Awards will be donated to Axis Connect Corp. ("Axis"), a non-profit, to fund its annual activities. Axis was established to connect, collaborate and champion women in Calgary. Axis' mandate is to unite over 80 organizations focused on women's initiatives in Calgary and provide maximum return to members.

Started by Heather Culbert, Vice Chair, Export Development Canada and founder of Women on Boards, Marnie Smith, Senior Partner (Korn Ferry) and head of Women in Capital Markets (Calgary), Jenna Kaye, Founder/CEO of Odyssey Trust Company and founder of Corporate Diversity Consultants, and Katie Smith, Proposals, Process Systems & Solutions at Spartan Controls and Executive Director of Young Women in Energy.


The Calgary Chamber is an independent non-profit, non-partisan business organization. For 128 years the Chamber has worked to build a business community that nourishes, powers and inspires the world.

Tools & Techniques



  Take this quiz to find out if you are board ready

  10 Questions to ask before joining a board

  Planning your board career


Why Culture Matters to the Visionary Board

Board VS Operational Accountabilities

A message from our Founders

Heather Culbert

" I am a proud Albertan and have had significant career opportunities in Calgary over the past 30 years. I am surrounded by strong women and men who have worked hard to develop an incredible track record of success in Corporate Calgary and our Community - regardless of the challenges.
I encourage all of us to work together and develop better gender diversity and inclusion in the Board room as the current statistics in Alberta relative to the rest of Canada are lagging significantly.  Let's show leadership and recognize the value that all leaders, both women and men, can create together."

Jennifer Koury

 “Alberta is full of talented and competent women who can add tremendous value to Boards across Canada in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.   We know that women make a difference to the bottom-line and we need to leverage this talent.     We believe that this initiative will support and encourage women in their board career journey and I’m thrilled to part of this important work.” 

Linda Hohol

 “I was appointed a VP at CIBC in 1988, one of the first female executives in banking at that time…..and 30 years later, not much has changed. Women represent  half of our population, have equal  and in some cases better educaton, and yet are under represented in boardrooms and leadership positions across Canada, but most particularly in Alberta. This must change. The diversity and perspective that women bring to leadership teams/boardrooms and their contribution to the discussions and decisions that take place in these environments, is incredibly valuable. Organizations and companies that miss this opportunity  will not do as well, in my opinion.” 

Andrea Goertz

“Canada’s place in a rapidly changing global context is of prime importance, and the competitiveness of our industries, our ability to attract foreign investment, and the strength of our economy is paramount. We need all of our experienced talent driving increased economic performance of our companies, building our society, and strengthening our communities, including women in our Boardrooms who lead with grit and grace.” 

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