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LaSanta Botanicals Ltd. - Board Director

Launched in 2017, LaSanta is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Calgary and core operations in Colombia. LaSanta produces plant-based medicine, with cannabis as the primary ingredient, and is licensed to cultivate, manufacture, and export cannabis extracts and genetics. They are combining agricultural and scientific expertise with product branding and distribution know-how to service a growing legal cannabis market worldwide. 

LaSanta has been granted licenses by the Colombian government for the legal commercial cultivation, production and export of medicinal cannabis extracts and seeds. They are developing organic pharmaceutical grade extracts and proprietary formulations, validated through clinical research, for distribution within Colombia and to markets across the globe. 

As the most densely biodiverse country on earth, Colombia is an ideal base for the development of cannabis based botanical medicines. In addition to optimal growing conditions, the South American country has a diversified economy including established agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, macroeconomic stability, and favorable growth prospects.

 LaSanta means "the holy", an ancient term for botanical medicine. LaSanta’s brand evokes the natural healing power of plants. 

LaSanta is poised to become one of the lowest cost producers of high quality medicinal cannabis worldwide, and with a focused strategy and premium products, LaSanta will become a leading, iconic brand in the global cannabis industry.   


The Board Director will guarantee the accountability and effective governance of the Board of Directors. The ideal candidate will play an active role in the audit and compensation committees and will work diligently to mitigate financial and legal risks. Additionally, he or she will act as a spokesperson for LaSanta, interacting with investors, partners and interested parties. 

The candidate will be an experienced executive with extensive experience working with public and private boards. He or she will have built an extensive network in the cannabis space and will leverage these relationships to LaSanta’s advantage. The Board Director is a competent, rational, and future focused executive with a passion for the cannabis industry and a commitment to LaSanta’s best interests. 

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES This role will contribute significantly to LaSanta’s continued success and growth and is accountable for the following: 

  • Helping to ensure effective governance by carrying out legal and fiduciary responsibilities in a diligent manner; 
  • Participate in the review of strategy and weigh strategy options in order to consider resourcing trade-offs, finance and M&A opportunities, as well as legal issues; 
  • Be prepared for and actively participate in board meetings; 
  • Provide guidance and constructive feedback to the Chief Executive Officer and other board members; 
  • Be an evangelist for the company and keep an eye out for new and interesting opportunities; and, 
  • Provide access to customers, future investors, strategic partners and those with important intel. 


The Board currently meets on a quarterly basis. The frequency of the meetings and key agenda items vary depending on the nature of the business and affairs that the corporation is facing at any given time. 

Board meetings are generally held in Calgary, however they may on occasion take place in other locations, including Columbia. Board members are currently remunerated on a per meeting basis (including reasonable expenses), however this may change to a retainer model should to company go public. 

KEY SELECTION CRITERIA Given the role this individual will play in LaSanta’s continued growth and success, it is essential that the successful candidate possess the following education, experience, and personal characteristics: 


  • Undergraduate degree in business or commerce; and,
  • CA or CFA designations highly preferred. 


  • Previous Board experience with a record of implementing and supporting good governance practices; 
  • Understanding of the Cannabis Industry’s needs, issues, and trends; 
  • Relevant network of contacts, particularly in Canada and South America, in cannabis and other analog industries that could help advance the company’s best interests; 
  • Strategic planning experience; 
  •  International business experience, specifically in South America, considered an asset; and,
  • Strong understanding of fiscal, financial and legal matters. 


  • Entrepreneurial, idea-driven, innovative in approach with ability to maintain sight of the ‘bigger picture’; 
  • Natural ability to address issues with diplomacy and tact while remaining transparent;
  • Asks questions and poses challenges designed to help the CEO and executive team anticipate challenges and opportunities before they arise; 
  • Actively responds to and considers the needs of all stakeholders; 
  • Communicates openly with a consistent, direct and positive approach; 
  • Attacks everything with drive and energy; 
  • Proactive, with a relentless desire to improve things and push boundaries; and, 
  •  Excellent analytical and organization skills. 

ATTRACTIONS This role provides an opportunity to join an established organization that is poised for significant growth. Other attractions include: 

  • The opportunity to have input on the strategy and influence the overall direction of LaSanta Botanicals; and, 
  • Be involved with a unique, interesting, and growth-oriented company in a fast-paced industry sector. 


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